Website Yoga

Curled forward, fingers on the keyboard, eyes blurred, brains crammed. We still asked the instructor questions, but the answers fell to the floor like snowflakes. One minute the words were there, the next they’d dissolved. Six of us, over one weekend, had each designed and launched a website. The instructor started by having us write out goals, plans, flowcharts. She was well organized. The second day we opened our laptops and started in: dashboards, pages, tags, categories, and plug-ins, not to mention themes and images.

At the end, when I stood to leave, Mickey leaned into her laptop and said: “What pose will help with this?” Eagle pose came to mind first, where the arms are crossed at the elbow and the legs crossed at the knees – while standing. A crisscross, balancing pose. We were, after all, on edge. But what would help ease the currents of confusion and euphoric relief that we’d experienced, repeatedly, all day? Maybe a tall stretch, arms overhead, reaching up and then tilting slightly back. Maybe widening the arms out to the side and embracing all of it. I went home, lay down and placed an eyebag over my bleary eyes. Corpse pose.

About Margaret Graw

At the intersection of writing and yoga
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