I’ve been writing fiction for ten years, although some would say my long-time career as a marketing consultant qualifies me as a paid creative non-fiction writer. I have applied buckets of ink and graphite to my full share of pages and notebooks. I like writing. And I like researching and writing stories about how to live a full life, a long life, and whether ancient practices have anything to teach about that, like the ancient practice of yoga, for example.

Personal Bio

My personal interest in writing, history, yoga, and herbal remedies blossomed when I moved to Boston, Massachusetts, just after college. Writing about the things that most interest me had to wait – until now. Now I spend my days writing, nosing around (doing research), practicing yoga and, in the summers, gardening.

My husband and I have a beautiful urban home in Canada.  We also have a lovely country home on the river complete with a tree farm, orchard, and gardens. My gardens have been inspired by all those I’ve visited like the Public Garden in Boston, the Chelsea Physic Garden in London, and Esalen’s Bio-dynamic Gardens at Big Sur. I’ve grown and used herbs as medicine. Not unrelated to a life close to nature, I have practiced yoga for decades and five years ago completed an 18 month certified yoga teacher training with the most senior teachers here.

Formal Bio 

Raised in Minnesota, BA in Social-Pschology from the University of Minnesota. Moved to Boston, Massachusetts after college. MBA from Boston College. Engaged as a consumer marketing professional in Boston for years, I worked for the Polaroid Corporation and was appointed to work on its foundation. I worked at a Boston consulting firm whose clients were mainly Fortune 500 companies and, when I started my own firm, I worked with several companies on the longer Fortune list, including a few publishing firms.

I hold memberships in the Alberta Writer’s Guild, The Alexandra Writers Centre, and the Iyengar Association of Canada.