Lift Off

After months (actually, years) of deliberation and a few chapters scribbled here and there about a character I’m fond of, I made a commitment last week to embark on my next novel. When I began my first novel, my enthusiasm and sheer
joy on good writing days carried me through, in parallel with a daily yoga practice. At the time I signed up with a writing coach, I also enrolled in a yoga teacher training course (that lasted 18 months).

The combination of regularly practicing those two activities helped me complete my first novel. It was a lot of work. Am I ready to commit again to that amount of time over the next several years? I admit, I’m excited to apply what I’ve learned about writing a novel, but this time I know what I’m getting into: characters speaking to me at odd hours, flashes of inspiration, whole days wondering what the story is about, the joy of discovery, and the agony and ecstasy of later drafts. The focus required in yoga poses helped to calm my mind and stay the course. I trust I will find yoga a reliable ally again.

The idea that this is a “lift off,” the first stage of a rocket headed for the unknown, feels just right. The notion raised this question: what’s the best yoga practice for me over the next weeks? The most suitable poses are obvious: those in which we lift up. Head stand and shoulder stand seem just right. And maybe, in the end, I will get into that full handstand, too.

About Margaret Graw

At the intersection of writing and yoga
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