Right Time

This post comes in spring, that revved up time of year when the garden changes from mud to daffodils, tulips, hyacinths. The fruit trees are abloom in pink and white. With sixteen hours of daylight, all the trees are leafed-out and the grass that wet green. It’s a lively time and one that pushes me to try to do everything: more work and more play. Each day is a squeeze to keep up my routines and add in gardening, walks, and vacation plans.

Hardly time to write a blog post or attend a yoga class.

Last month I sought out a senior yoga teacher to create a home practice for me. Like everyone, I have a quirk best served by a custom practice. A daily practice of thirty minutes seemed doable. And even though I’ve only managed twice a week so far, this practice has made a big difference in my mobility and overall well-being. In fact, I sometimes add a few more poses that make it longer. But I aim to keep it short; there is a certain power in that. Still, it’s not a typical ninety-minute class, just thirty minutes. A spot of time. Not a substitute for twice weekly classes, but the best I can do right now. To my surprise, each time the healing effects are measurable and that, too, reinforces the practice.

Funny, there is enough time for a home practice now. What fell away? I can’t remember.


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